ConqueringCancerCalls for TheCytomXFactor

Xceptional 极速赛车官app官网下载-168官网极速赛车开奖 vision and Xtraordinary therapies to outsmart cancer, transform lives

We're on it.

CytomX is a different kind of clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company—intent on revolutionizing the way we treat cancer. Our distinctive Probody® therapeutics are progressing through the clinic with the promise of unlocking the full potential of more potent, less toxic anti-cancer medications. Our ultimate goal is to bring more life-changing treatment options to more patients.

Broad, clinical-stage pipeline

With four Probody programs in the clinic, our aim is to transform cancer treatment and patients’ lives.

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Xceptional people wanted

We’re building something special—and are looking for passionate individuals who want to make a meaningful difference in lives and the world. Do you have the CytomX Factor?

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CytomX embraces diversity and seeks to enhance and maintain our culture of equity and inclusion which encourages individuals to be themselves, feel involved, respected and connected.

We at CytomX believe that we benefit from each other’s ideas and experiences. We accept our differences and learn from one another, improve together, and embrace change to achieve our corporate and individual objectives. This belief applies to how we work together at CytomX, how we work with others outside CytomX, how we represent CytomX in our communities, and how we endeavor to bring our scientific innovations to a diverse patient population.

CytomX acknowledges the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives and that they require an evolving and ongoing commitment.

CytomX is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against any individual or potential candidate because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual preference or any other legally protected category.

"Our work is very meaningful here because we have a direct way of impacting the quality of life for our patients."

—Brandon Lam

CytomX COVID-19 Statement

CytomX is committed to the health, safety and well-being of its employees, clinical study participants and others who work with us to develop potentially lifesaving cancer medicines, including staff at our study sites. CytomX continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 pandemic situation and strives to follow and have its employees follow appropriate local, state and federal guidelines. In March 2020, we initiated a mandatory work from home protocol for all employees whose work could be conducted from home, with minimal onsite laboratory operations. Laboratory and other company operations have gradually increased over time with onsite employees required to follow our prescribed safety precautions. We continue to allow employees whose work can be conducted from home to work from home.

In November 2021, CytomX initiated a vaccination policy which requires any employee coming on CytomX premises to be vaccinated for COVID-19, unless they qualify for accommodation due to a medical reason, or because of a sincerely held religious belief.

Visitors and contractors who come on site are required to register before entering and to answer basic health questions and check for fever prior to entry.

The measures we take from time to time during the pandemic may change and we disclaim any obligation to update this statement.

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